Elva Open Air 2024 is unfortunately cancelled

Organising committee of Elva Open Air are deeply saddened to announce, that Elva Open Air in February 2024 is unfortunately cancelled due to the major renovations in local school. 
Due to the renovations, school must be able to provide students with spaces for studying and spending free time, so the Elva Sports Hall, which is also the heart of our competition, will be under increased load of demand and in these circumstances we would not be able to close the Sports Hall for a whole school week so that we could prepare the competition venue for you. 

The organising committee have also ofcourse considered other venues near Elva to hold the competitions, but unfortunately it is not financially possible nor reasonable for us. We have made this difficult decision unfortunately, but we are still hopeful to see you all in Elva Open Air 2025! 

In the meantime, please ease our sorrow by writing to us what do you love about Elva Open Air the most and what would you want us to improve for 2025! We remember you liked our special medals and we had to run the floor rug/mat the other way, but what else? 😉 Write us elvalask@gmail.com or tag us on Facebook/instagram @elvalask!

Wishing you all the best,
Elva Shooting Sport Club
Organising committee of Elva Open Air

Header photo is taken by Jaak Jänes

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